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Manifest M^5 Companion

The companion modules of this book are provided to offer a framework for incorporating the theories based on intrinsic principals of the natural world as seen through all of the sciences and theologies from the laws of physics to metaphysics.

The companion series is designed to guide you through a 1 year program to manifest whatever you may envision. Each module is founded upon the principals of various practices that have proven both physical and experiential validation in evidence. The survival of ancient practices over thousands of years is valued and offered as vehicles for the power to manifest. No one but ourselves really knows what is best for us and it is our diversity that makes us thrive most; thus in taking part in any practice, it is best to use it simply as it most accommodates each of our own growth. This formula for manifestation is one I offer based on my own experiences and practice with the belief that we are each our best teachers and hope only that my own experience may help to guide other s towards the revelations that I have personally experienced.

Though each module is based on a month, you may find that you are or are not ready to proceed to the next module. The first  for example, is essential to be confident in before moving to the next module. I've provided the Companion 1, for free so that you can be assured that you have a solid foundation for the upcoming year ahead as you manifest your unique vision into the physical world.

Manifestation Module 1



Manifest M5 - Introduction and Chapter 1, Part 1 

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20 Minute Guided Meditation with Theta Stimulus

Guided Meditation mp3s

20 Minute Guided Meditation with Theta Stimulus

10 Minute Cleanse Meditation

10 Minute Source Connection

Chapter 1 Companion:

We are all in agreement about specific rules and laws governing our collective reality, like an apple falling towards the Earth, or specific chemical reactions and so on, yet there still lies a realm of possibility that has shown can be nudged by our consciousness. The power to manifest begins with a connection to the informational field that connects us all. This is the essential key for all manifestation though semantics will differ for each individual, having been called the Zero-Point Field, Divine Intelligence, Akashic Records, All, Allah, or God, to name just a few. Despite semantics, evidence is abundant that there is order in the chaos and a trove of potential that we humans are capable of, from healing, synchronicities, non-local knowledge, miracles, and splendid wonders continuously moving the lines between what is possible and what is not. This first month is based on opening to that connection. Put aside what you think you would like to manifest for now and focus on connecting with the Source. Meditation is key to this connection and thus for the first month, your exercise is to try to complete the month by meditating at a minimum for 20 minutes a day. The state right before and after sleep are excellent times to do this as the brain begins to ascend and descend to and from the Alpha wave state. 

Meditation is merely the act of being conscious of your consciousness. It can be practiced during a multitude of activities to both energize the wave state connection with the Source and to gain intrinsic guidance and knowledge. Various techniques will be covered over the year course, but for this first month, simply find some time to sit back and listen, or maybe relax in a bubble bath while minding your breath as you release gratitude for the moment. There is a 20 minute guided meditation and two ten minute guided meditations included. They can be used as a timer tool as well as a reference for your own guidance that may develop through your personal practice.

Among the many techniques utilizing symbolism for materialization that will be applied throughout the year of this manifestation training, numerology is used as one of the guiding principle in the formation of this coursework. Though discussed in more detail later, in summary, symbolically, the number 1 is intrinsic with the ego, identity, thought, and 2 with duality, emotion, added together combines into 3 representing action to materialize in 4, and so on. Becoming aware of the numerological significance strengthens our flow of oneness with a Cosmic All. The focus for the first month of building the ability to manifest, is about letting go of the ego and of giving ourselves to the Universe. Realizing that we are the Universe; that we are all collectively the eyes, ears, hands, mouths, of an Infinite Source. All of the good, bad, ugly, what we may deem as right or wrong, becomes worthy of love and capacity to see each thing we can in its' highest potential. It is from the most sinister scoundrel, to the most sinister act that the Universe can exist in opposing form to also be alive and experienced. It is a conscious effort to connect with the Akashic Field as the moment we judge, we are operating from the ego. By embracing all with love, for seeing and appreciating an opposing force to what may be unjust, rather than responding with condemning hate, we operate more in unison with our cosmic force. I will review findings in various fields of science for upcoming modules about how love and gratitude are astoundingly powerful principals the Metaverse seems to operate from. It is when we experience that kind of unconditional love for our environments, that we are most in-tuned with a Collective All. I will also delve into various practices and techniques through a multitude of ancient and traditional practices stemming from religion, metaphysics, and science, not in preference for any, but for the commonality of truths that unify and connect them all. This is seen through the guiding Wiccan moral decree, "At the Will of All, The Harm of None." When we give ourselves to the Universal All, we are guided onto the path that we are meant to touch this world through. Though we are each part of one same whole, we are also individuated by a physical form and through different experiences. In accepting everything in the world as Divine, we must also see and love ourselves equally as part of a Universal whole and to be treated in reverence as well as any other.  We are defined by the array of choices we make whether we are serving our egos, or serving the All. Note this month how your time is spent as it is one of the biggest indicators of your contribution. What is it that we give our attention to? In what ways are we meant to contribute to a Unified Source?

The power and influence of symbolisms ranges from numbers, images, and words.  These are for you to discover through the meditations this month. Open to the All and genuinely give your existence to the purpose of the Source or to God, or whatever terminology suits you. Use the meditations to help release the ego so that your energy can be tuned to the All and direction will be given. During the meditations, search for a big picture, give of your whole being to all of the quanta that connects you to the stars.

Technology today is a good micro/macro metaphor for the Universe as it lives and thrives through connections. As such, and because it plays such an elemental role in my own manifesting, I'll use technology throughout as a tool for manifesting. When you do receive your "Big Picture" or "Vision", begin to bring it into the physical world by defining it in 3-8 keywords. See what those keywords produce and ask how you are uniquely suited to contribute to that area and that big picture. Whatever the picture or keywords, they should make you happy to think about, to envision, to write your words. Emotions are an essential tool we've been gifted to navigate us towards our Divine Purpose as will be discussed further in the next Manifestation Module. 

For the first month, for your 20 minute daily practice, use the guided meditations at least 3x's a week. The 20 Minute Guided Meditation with Theta Stimulus, is centered on connecting with a Divine Source utilizing the aid of theta waves. The stimulus of theta waves evokes a release of the physical world and a transcendence into a deeper merging with All. Rejuvenation, growth, and instinct are all correlated with theta wave activity in the brain. The 10 minute Source Meditation is focused on releasing the ego and connecting with the knowledge and guidance of the Akashic Field. The 10 minute Cleanse Meditation is offered as an aid to release what does not serve you and can also be used as tool to help with sleeplessness.

As you progress through the practice, at around 2 weeks, attempt to develop your own guidance to direct yourself to a connection with the Source. Whatever answers we seek are within us already, awaiting to be unlocked. We all know all there is to know, we just don't know that we know. The meditations of this module offer a starting stone to uncovering them.

Manifestation Module 2


Each learning Module is based on a one month practice of listening to the guided meditations regularly to instill the meaning of the provided readings. When you are ready to move forward with acquiring the basis for manifestation, begin with Module 2 and each lesson following will become available to you 30 days after the Module is begun. Coming to this point in time makes you part of an exclusive group, considering that you have read and can grasp the concepts contained in the content that has brought you to this point. Manifestation Module 2 provides tools to understand and empower emotions to develop a more clear vision and direct conscious energy towards those aspirations.

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