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Part 1.  The Foundation

The peer-reviewed article, “Review of Controlled Research on the Transcendental Meditation Program and Cardiovascular Disease; Risk Factors, Morbidity, and Mortality” by Kenneth G. Walton, Ph.D., Robert H. Schneider, MD, and Sanford Nidich, EdD, published in the National Institute of Health’s US National Library of Medicine, focuses on summarizing the effects on cardiovascular disease (CVD) using the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique, for it’s wide range of research due to the popularity of its use in the Western world, .

Among the 600 published studies analyzed, a wide range of physical indicators of CVD showed vast improvement with use of TM, revealing the usefulness of meditation to treat and prevent CVD. This included dozens of studies in which TM reduced the physiological effects of stress from lowering blood pressure, hypertension, obesity, and sodium/potassium ratios, while increasing muscle relaxation and physical activity, with outcomes significantly outperforming health education controls. Similarly, success in decreasing use of cigarette, alcohol, and other addictive substances was significantly influenced using TM compared to that of the experimental controls. Observational studies also found that TM practitioners had significantly lower lipid peroxide levels, which as a component of arterial plaque, is an indicator of free radical exposure, correlated with oxidized cholesterol.

Also among the studies, were 146 independent outcomes showing positive relative effectiveness on the CVD contributors to stress and trait anxiety, using the TM technique. As for the striking evidence of the reduction of atherosclerosis, one study of subjects with two or more CVD risk factors, showed an 11% reduction of risk to heart attack or stroke with eight months of TM alone and a 33% decrease of risk over a one year period. Similar benefits on myocardial ischemia and left ventricular hypertrophy in subjects with pre-existing coronary artery disease were also revealed in the analysis of TM research, with an overall strong trend of reducing CVD mortality rates in the TM groups compared with the control groups. Overall, throughout the entire database of research participants, the groups practicing TM had 87% fewer inpatient/outpatient admissions for CVD. (Walton, Kenneth G et al. 262-6) According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, cardiovascular disease affects half of the U.S. population with 1 in 4 annual deaths attributed to heart disease. (Heart Disease Facts and Statistics CDC.gov) For the sake of our hearts alone, the choice to practice meditation could potentially improve those statistics greatly.

Another research article probing the effects of conscious awareness, “Meditation and Neuroscience: From Basic Research to Clinical Practice” published in “Integrative Clinical Psychology, Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine: Perspectives, Practices and Research” by Claire Braboszcz, Stéphanie Hahusseau, and Arnaud Delorme, also reveals the effects of meditation in improving quality of life. Among the findings, was a positive correlation between meditation and thickening in the cortex area of the brain, inducing cortical areas known to increase sensory awareness of the body.

In connection with the immune system, daily meditation practice has been shown to raise the antibody response to flu shots; and in HIV patients, to increase activity of lymphocyte T and the natural production of other protective cells. Deep breathing associated with meditation has also been linked to improved regulation of the autonomic nervous system. In association with aging; neuronal decay, decline in cortical thickness, and decrease in the slow wave sleep period before REM, was all reduced in meditators. Meanwhile cognitive function was improved with the abundance of brain activation correlating with the level of experience of the meditator. Emotional regulation also improved with meditation practice and was linked to a suppression of dissociative disorders. (Claire Braboszcz et al. 1910-18)

In other experiments of consciousness affecting health, a healing technique developed by Dr. William Bengston, acknowledges information transfer, opposed to energy transfer as the vehicle of healing performed by the consciousness. The basis of the method is a trained technique he labels as image-cycling. This method entails creating conscious mental images of a desired end goal, as if they had already occurred in detail, in a series of multiple pictures that are cycled through the mind in a fast pace and repeated over an extended period of time. (Bengstonresearch.com 2019).

Bengston's publication, "The Effect of the “Laying On of Hands” on Transplanted Breast Cancer in Mice", documents laboratory studies in which, 67 female mice in total were all induced to develop breast cancer with the injection of a standard mammary adenocarcinoma, which produced a nonmetastatic palpable and visible tumor. A historical consensus of the known effects of reaction in mice to this agent is 100% fatality between 14-27 days after injection. Over multiple experiments, a statistically significant number of mice given the healing technique, had their tumors grow, blacken, then implode, followed by a healing of the wound where the ulcer had been, even demonstrating not just remission, but a complete disappearance of the cancer from their system. Some of the mice went on to living out their natural life cycle, not only completely recovered from the treatment, but also to have apparently developed a resistance or immunity to attempts at re-injecting the mice again, with no following tumor response or cancer reproduction detected. In a further analysis of the infected tissue, the mice that had experienced their ulceration go through the process of the area healing over, displayed no viable adenocarcinoma cells and were completely cancer-free.

Honing in on the specifics of the results, half of the mice were given the healing technique, while some in the control group were sent to a separate laboratory on-site of the experiments, and others sent to a laboratory in a completely separate city. Of those sent to a different city, all of the mice died from the injection on or before the 27 day expectancy with a 0% remission rate. The mice that had been on-site in a separate laboratory experienced a 69.2% remission rate, though some of the trained healers reported sympathy for the mice, including them in their mental exercise. Of the mice that were directly included in the healing practice, an overall 87.9% remission rate was reported. The methods also seem to eliminate belief as a factor in using such healing successfully as the researchers specifically chose candidates that were skeptical that such healing capabilities existed, choosing to train healers that did NOT believe in the possibility of such phenomena. (Bengston 353-64)  

Table by Bengstonresearch.com

As unsettling as it may be to put living beings through such trials, it does offer some empirical evidence that is not subjective, as human experience in subjects of such experiments might be. In this case, considering that mice, through their lack of ability to believe, helps to rule out the placebo effect. Also, training healers that were identified as skeptical to the methods, shows actual results that can be separate from interpreting the finding through the power or desire of belief. This is among numerous contemporary research projects beginning to look for and find physiological changes associated with the act of meditating.

Beyond improvements to the physical organism, engaging in meditation practice appears to be a vehicle of harnessing the law of physics to transform the physical world with thought activity. “The Tao of Physics: An Exploration of the Parallels Between Modern Physics and Eastern Mysticism”, fifth edition, By Fritjof Capra, investigates the parallels between physicists and mystics and the reluctance of science to acknowledge these intersections. Through his lifework in physics, ecology, business, and politics, Capra arrived at a foundational philosophy that everything we experience is of living systems, from people and the natural world, to economic systems and social structures, conceding that an awareness of connection with an encompassing All, becomes evident through a mystical scientific approach, or Metaphysics. While studying theories of mathematics, graphs, and diagrams as a physicist, he had an epiphany on a beach one day as he acknowledged the vibrating particles of atoms and molecules dancing in the water, sand, cosmic rays of the sun and of everything around him, through the influence of his practices in Eastern mysticism, as the Hindu Lord of dance, Shiva. By connecting quantum theory with aspects of Zen teachings, profound understandings about the working of the physical world unraveled for him. Essentially, his book translates the findings about the subatomic world of Modern Physics through the lens of Hindu, Buddhist, and Tao philosophies. (Capra 11-13)

Ervin Laszlo offers an interpretation of this interconnected field of Eastern philosophy through the language of Western physics in, “Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything”. Akashic in Sanskrit is translated as ether space and as an informational record of all that is, which is accessible through consciousness. Laszlo explains how physicists have moved from a foundation of belief of particles as the atomic building block, to one of quanta, or radiant energy connected in vibrating filaments as explained in string and super string theories. Beyond this, the new physics of field theory emergent from the quantum vacuum, which can lead the view from energy and matter to another element that is neither; that is information, an informed Universe, as termed by David Bohm as in-formation. In this terminology, it is defined not as constructed by humans or any being but is a fundamental aspect of nature that builds all that exists from simple to complex. (Laszlo 2-3)

The dissection of the Akashic Field interpreted through science by Ervin Laszlo, begins with the 1955 findings of Hugh Everett, that would require 10100 Universes to address the puzzle of Quantum Mechanics, in which a particle is in a superposition of all possible states until it is observed, interacted with, or measured by an instrument. (Laszlo 19-20) Laszlo goes onto explain the anomalies of coherence and correlation in the findings of quantum physics. As coherence is explained like a synchronization of harmony among the waves making up rhythms and processes, an underlying correlation of unity in the natural world is shifting paradigms in multiple branches of science. (Laszlo 24-25) Coherence, as discussed by Laszlo, is seen through harmonic ratios that reappear through the cosmos, in repeating constants and patterns, and in the uniformities found throughout structures, from micro- to macro-. In accounting for some of the confounding questions that have been introduced to the Big Bang theory by quantum physics, the concept of a Meta-verse, meta- signifying what is beyond or behind, that which our personal Universe emerged from, has been theorized as a fitting remedy. Thus, the evolving cosmos in which coherence and correlation of our Universe is observed, is informed by a more advanced, evolved, and complex Metaverse. (Laszlo, 27-30)

Quantum physics attempts to look at the vastness of this Metaverse, by breaking it down to the smallest units possible, or quanta, which is the unit of that measurement today. Laszlo defines quanta as packets of energy that have no specific form, though can take on a state of wave or particle in a multitude of variations. Entanglement describes a property of quanta, that can be seen in the social relationships that exist even beyond separation, through a responsiveness between quanta. Even over space and time, a correlation remains in experimental situations, that once having shared a state with another and being separated, the variable of quanta may not take a state until observed but when it is, all other quanta that were previously connected will choose or jump into a state so to speak, in opposing accordance with the observed state of the twin quanta. The non-locality of the response, that time and distance are irrelevant, as in no matter how far apart, and faster than the speed of light, is another indicator of an intrinsic connection in contradiction to separateness. (Laszlo 31-32)

Going even further, beyond physical reality and into the world of Metaphysics, Laszlo discusses the phenomena of consciousness with these concepts of quantum entanglement and the Akashic Field. He pulls from examples of tribal and ancient peoples sharing information indirectly, the power of archetypal symbology, as well as the transference of thoughts and ideas in the laboratory, defining such communicative links to the factors beyond our individual senses as transpersonal. Although such qualities of human consciousness are acknowledged in historical cultures, it is often cast aside as paranormal in the modern world.

However, laboratory results have confirmed transpersonal phenomenon, such as known through studies of demonstrating shared pain, response, and telepathy, between not just twins, but also those with deeply shared bonds, such as couples, parents and children, and even close friends. Also, through the rigorous testing of methods such as the Ganzfeld technique to the "distant mental influence on living systems" (DMILS) method, most all people seem to posses some form of psychic abilities. Beyond simply information sharing between minds, telesomatic abilities have also been evidenced in laboratory settings. Forms of Voodoo practice, evoking materialized results on a subject through a consciously imbued representation, to prayer and spiritual healings, have over time and distance, yielded proven results. (Laszlo 41-43)

In another point of reverence for the wisdom of native cultures, Laszlo points to methods used among primitive and native practices of drumming, dancing, chanting, and fasting, among other activities used specifically to direct consciousness to an outcome or induce transpersonal abilities. Interconnections further demonstrating the capacities of the quanta are seen through meditation, with Laszlo pointing to evidence by physician and brain researcher, Nitamo Montecucco. His work revealed identical wave patterns with electroencephalogram (EEG) readings of the right and left brain hemispheres during deep meditation, as well as observing the wave patterns of different subjects become synchronized during group practice. In one such experiment documented by Dr. Maria Sagi, a healer performing a diagnosis during a deep state of meditation displayed a drop in EEG readings, into the deep Delta state, which in itself was surprising as it is recognized as the wave state of sleep. Even more surprising, was the ascent of the subject into an identical wave-pattern of the healer, as the healer was in the state of administering the conscious healing, despite having been placed in separate rooms. (Laszlo 91-93)

The work of Ervin Laszlo in “Science of the Akashic Field”, provides a foundation based in quantum physics of the possible mechanisms behind the power of a Universal All that the practice of meditation attempts to become aware of. Through the connections emanating from the compressed state in which all that is known today existed as, prior to the Big Bang, from which this Universe is sourced from and remains entangled. Despite the expansion from which All may have sprung, an innate coherence between all that is, remains intermingled in all that existed within the Universal seed before the initial jolt and essentially continue an informational exchange. Thus, the organism is intertwined with the environment, as is the environment intertwined with the organism.

Attunement to conscious fields between people is also discussed In "Mind to Matter: The Astonishing Science of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality", by Dawson Church, in which over 10,000 brain-wave mappings of meditators were analyzed. Findings similarly included the sharing of brain rhythms of the healer and receiver during the time of the conscious healing connection. Beyond this, there was also a common shared state of mirrored brain activity between people during conversation, most especially during exchanges of visually and emotionally charged discussions, suggesting an unconscious communication of information and energy beyond that which we can perceive.

Church also reviewed studies of various healing techniques from Qui Gong, Healing Touch and Reiki, noting statistically significant results proving the effectiveness of such practices. Among the studies confirming the role of mind state, is of AIDS patients. Those with beliefs in a punishing God, had increased the levels of AIDS virus in their bloodstream, three times faster than those with the belief of a forgiving God. Essentially, cells use resonance to activate and heal. Resonance is a property of the Universe. Resonate coherence can be seen when multiple pendulum are set into motion, eventually synchronizing with each other into a common rhythmic pattern. Resonance can be seen with sand on a metal sheet that self-organize in accordance to musical vibrations. Planetary bodies and celestial objects resonate with one another in the solar system. The electromagnetic fields that encompass our planet, interact with the electromagnetic organ of the human brain and heart. Changes in the Earth’s magnetic field have an effect on all living beings. When resonance fluctuates through the Universe, there is organization from the micro to the macro. (Church Chapter 5).

Lipton’s examples of phenomena of the quanta revealing itself in the physical world and discussion of resonance, is supportive of the power of belief exercised by the consciousness to produce real-world responses and further show patterns of such elemental qualities throughout the natural world.

In “Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, and Miracles”, by Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D, the popular premises, from the historical authority of conviction by orthodox religion decreeing the separateness of man, to Newtonian’s mechanistic views to quantum physics. In this view, a graduation of thought from one of mechanical, clock-work operations of living function into one based upon the building blocks of energy is laid out. (Lipton 5-6)

He points out that French biologist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck’s earlier theories of evolution are becoming more reconsidered over Darwinian theories based on survival of the fittest individuals in light of the role of cooperation, opposed to competition in the natural world. Though he was ridiculed more than fifty years before Charles Darwin, the element of cooperation over competition is also more aligned with the views that contemporary cell biologists have about the adaption of immune systems to the environment. (Lipton 10-12). On a cellular level, this can be seen in the cells’ ability to cooperatively link together to form more complex and successful organisms. Lipton explains the basic unit of life as proteins, which are the moving mechanisms within the cells that are controlled by signals in the external environment. It is from changes of the proteins’ electromagnetic charges that are responsible for their behavior-generating movement, controlling the internal functioning of living things, from digestion, metabolism, immune response and so on. Proteins are the complex molecules that act as effectors and receptors, communicating the external world to the internal. The once thought to be unchangeable blueprint of the double helix chromosome called DNA that dictated the organism, now underlies the outdated belief of genetic determinism. (Lipton 32-35)

Lipton discusses that emergence in the field of epigenetics, now understands that DNA may be the blueprint to make proteins, but it is the protein mechanism that correspond with relating signals between the cell and the environment, which actually controls the functioning of the organism by creating the behavior. “In the chromosome, the DNA forms the core, and the proteins cover the DNA like a sleeve.” (Lipton 43), demonstrating that proteins opposed to the DNA, is more critical to cellular functioning. It is observed that when a cell is stripped of the DNA, it is still capable of functioning. The cell eventually dies, as new proteins cannot be created without it, but without the proteins, cells immediately lose their ability to function. (Lipton 68-70) Lipton expounds that the relationship is certainly symbiotic as the DNA and protein membrane each make up 50% of the chromosome.

Thinking of the body as a cell, it is the receptors, the skin, eyes, ears, etcetera that picks up and sends signals to our nucleus, or brain. Essentially, rather than thinking of genes within DNA being on or off, it is rather a matter of a gene being covered by a protein membrane to activate it. So opposed to the thinking that it is genes that is the basis of control in an organism, we are now realizing that it is the proteins’ interaction with the environment that is at the heart of epigenetics, which is basically the study of gene modification. Therefore, a diversity of environmental signals, can lead to a diversity of genetic responses such as adaptive influences from parents prior to conception that can be inherited by offspring. (Lipton 43-46)

Through the language of biology and the field of epigenetics, Lipton offers a biological understanding of how we as organisms receive and interpret environmental signals that are beyond our sensory perceptions. The suggestion of survival of the fittest groups opposed to the individual, wherein the strong aid the weaker, thus strengthening the collective unit, also offers insight into the notion of meditation as a benefit to our human species and the collective environment as a whole.

Investigating other benefits of conscious awareness, "The Science of Enlightenment" by Shinzen Young, describes concentration power as lying at the base of the pyramid for all intellectual pursuits. Whether it is chemistry, mathematics, art, or sports, the ability to concentrate on any subject is the underlying component to incremental advancements in knowledge of every kind. Young also contends that although meditation offers the ability to improve life conditions though focused concentration, that reaching higher levels of consciousness also offers the capacity to find deep and innate happiness, despite external conditions. Attaining higher levels of growth during meditation in depth and breadth; depth in relation to how deep of a state one can attain and breadth as it pertains to how broad one can take the duration of practice over various levels of activity, such as to attain a deep level of concentration on breath, walking, biking, or any other daily activity, is the catalyzing component to growth and development. (Young Chapter 2). Beginning with consciousness, or the power and usefulness of being perceptive to our internal thought processes, we can see how simply an awareness of directing the mind can be life-changing, most especially if what our subconscious is programmed with is self-defeating or even self-destructive.

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Part 2.  Discussion

When information is thought of as an organizing force, in-formation, there is a convergence of the ancient and modern descriptions of a field as a record and conductor for energetic waves. Beyond merely being fable of Hindu culture, quantum physics is able to account for an encompassing space that although appears empty to the naked eye, is an integral account of all that exists bringing coherence to our vast cosmos. To explain this seemingly shared information between matter and space, Ervin Laszlo references an unpublished work by Nikola Tesla, describing what seems to be the essence of the Akashic field, as space essentially filled with a field from which matter is created from action and as the action ceases, dissolves again into this informational field affecting everything that transpires in space. Just as a wave travels through water when struck by an object, such as a rock creating ripples from where it lands, it carries the information of the rock’s presence throughout. This disputed Einstein’s description of a four-dimensional curvature to space and time. Although Tesla’s theories did not prevail during Einstein’s time, they are being revisited, as a few of Einstein’s theories (despite the multitude of his contributions that remain founded) have not survived the more recent findings involving the quanta. More recently, to remedy conflicts between the dueling explanations of an absolute quantum vacuum to describe empty space, and that of an invisible, luminiferous ether, the second half of the twentieth century produced the Zero Point Field (ZPF) theory, which in essence can be interrupted as the Akashic Field. (Laszlo 45-48) Laszlo expounds on how the ZPF of the vacuum affects the state and momentum of particles, even towards the stability of Earth’s orbit around the sun. The research is still in its infancy, but the interactions with “density-pressure waves” that are emitted from the ZPF are super-dense with a multitude of wave types propagating through it. Through resonance, various wave types, such as sound, light, and electromagnetism, are amplified or repressed, making the ZPF, “responsible for the distribution of matter throughout the cosmos.” (Laszlo 49). Going further yet, based on findings of torsion-wave links to the ZPF, Laszlo hypothesizes that, “The quantum vacuum generates the holographic field that is the memory of the universe.” (Laszlo 55.) Throughout cultures and times, reception to information and guidance has been reported through experiences such as being near death, blind sight, fasting, prayer, breath work, and rhythmic motion to name a few, though subjective in terms of evidence, do provide amazing similarities of accessing non-sensory information in altered states. (Lazlo 90-92.)

An experiential account from a multitude of individuals over millennia, has shown that meditation in many forms, is a key to accessing this informational field. In realizing that consciousness takes on some form of quanta, as waves emitted by the brain in thought pattern activity can be picked up by an EEG, the question of tapping into higher states of consciousness to communicate with the quanta of the Universe, becomes the foundation for improving the quality of life for humans, and even for the Multiverse as a whole.  Information exchange with the Zero-Point or Akashic Field appears to be taking place in some form, whether it is the brain, heart and/or soul interacting.

In explaining this further, Dawson Church discusses the phenomena in quantum physics in which all possibilities of the state of light and matter is suspended in all possible outcomes until it is observed, as seen in the widely known and widely replicable double slit experiment in which electrons, atoms, molecules, will all remain in a suspended state, essentially in the realm of all potentialities, until being observed, and can either travel through the slit as a wave or particle. He goes on to giving numerous examples of this phenomena playing out in real-life, including how belief of the observer is evident in scientific experiments. Essentially, any study of scientific inquiry, begins with an observation that leads to a hypothesis, goes through an empirical method to test the hypothesis, and through replicability can graduate to theory.

However, independent laboratory studies done by Biotech company, Amgen, attempted to reproduce fifty-three landmark studies over ten years, finding only six of them reproducible. In another attempt at reproducibility, of 100 psychology studies, less than half were reproducible. Among the many possible reasons for this discrepancy, a commonly known “expectancy effect” may play the largest role, as each experiment begins with a belief, which in itself creates the challenge of how much the role of the observer may play out at different various scales.

Random Number Generators (RNG) have also shown a type of response to human consciousness by deviating from random baseline output during events significant to large populations, producing statistically significant results, affirming that the effects are not by chance. The Global Consciousness Project GCP, a collaboration of scientists and engineers, studies the phenomena with the goal of highlighting global coherence in consciousness. Examples of events that have had a correlation with a coherence to global consciousness include the 1998 U.S. Embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania, the first visit of the pope to Israel in 2000, a 2003 global candlelight vigil for Peace, the Democratic party Convention of 2004, 2006 Indonesian earthquake killing over 3000 people, the 2008 presidential nomination of Barack Obama, the 2010 rescue of Chilean miners trapped for 18 days, a 2013 Global meditation organized by the Peace Portal activation group, and the 2015 International Peace day among others. Odds for such deviations activating by chance during these events that capture the global consciousness are about one in a trillion, offering one technique for measuring the state of global consciousness.

Essentially, we not only resonate with a collective consciousness, but through our own personal coherence, each play a part in nudging our communities and our world. We do this with conscious energy in the way that a laser takes light and amplifies it, strengthening the concentration of it through organization to be more powerful than the same energy would be in an incandescent bulb. Similarly, with a coherent mind, we can use consciousness to direct our thoughts to achieve the extraordinary rather than being pushed around by reality. (Church Chapter 5)

Synchronicities also provide evidence that there is an organizing field of information throughout the Universe. Using the 9/11 attacks as an example, multiple cases following the travesty have emerged of thousands of people who for one reason or another, from flight delays, schedule changes, intuition, and a multitude of seemingly unrelated events, were somehow saved from being in the time and space they otherwise should have been, miraculously escaping death. In the first estimates, the death toll was reported at 6,659 casualties, based on a calculation of the number of people who should have been in the World Trade Towers when the planes struck. However, a final count of actual fatalities was found to be 2,753 with numerous reports from citizens to celebrities, of some anomalous event that kept them from being where they otherwise would have. There is no scientific proof showing that the brain is the warehouse and storage facility of the consciousness. Information flows and interacts with our brainwaves from all levels both outward and inward. (Church Chapter 6)

As pointed out in biological terms by Church, to more deeply illustrate the point that our bodies are primarily of energetic form, consider that there is no constant within the human body, which seems to appear as firm and solid matter. Made up of over 37 trillion cells we are constantly synthesizing millions of antibodies every ninety seconds, replacing over 810,000 cells each second, one trillion new red blood cells every day and regenerating new skin cells every two weeks. As such, with the replacement of 60 billion cells, we are all literally physically different today than we were yesterday. (Church Chapter 4)

We see that just as Eastern philosophies as well as references in Western philosophy and theology have claimed, through an inquiry of the physical evidence of reality, that we are all connected and all one. Physics has demonstrated that quanta are the indivisible components of the physical, making up the components of atoms. This interpretation of the physical through a lens of quantum theory reveals as explained in “We Do Not and Cannot Sit on a Chair”, for example, that even though solid as a chair may seem, that rather than sitting on it, we are actually hovering 10-8 cm over the chair on a repelling force of electrons in energetic exchanges that exist beyond our perceptions. (Kaku youtube.com). Rather than viewing atoms as a solid nucleus with circulating matter of protons and neutrons, it is currently understood more as fields of energy, that make up greater forms of complexity not by some type of binding glue, but as electromagnetic forces that attract or repel at different strengths.

To visualize this, at the most sub-atomic level, we would see anything that exists, be that a tree, bird, herd, human, or any organism, system or environment; can be broken down to groups of cells, made up of groups of molecules, from groups of atoms, which are made by the particles and waves of quanta. Individually and collectively, it is all held together with a field of vibrational force with space between each connecting quanta. If we consider thoughts as information, perhaps it is the waves of energy in the quantum vacuum that record and carry this information as described by the Akashic Field of ancient texts or if preferred, the Zero Point Field of quantum physics. Through systematic training of conscious direction, we strengthen our ability to tap into, communicate and optimize our intake of information from such a field. It is in the multitude of potential parallels that exist, that the consciousness of an observer can bring any of the suspended realities into the one that we collectively share.

To comprehend this entanglement between an organism and the environment, consider Lipton’s explanation of genes as an environmentally adaptive blueprint for an organism. He references experiments by Michael Levin that demonstrate forces outside of the organism instantly triggering a rearrangement or hyper-mutation within genetic structures, even passing some adaptive responses on to offspring. The extraordinary effect of how simply the magnitude of bioelectrical volts given to tadpole cells, so drastically translates into changes in the general anatomical structure of the future frog in such experiments, exemplifies the crucial role of energy as a flow of function for living beings. (Lipton 76)

Church also discusses the dramatic effects that historical events and cultural changes can be graphed in correlation to shifts in the electromagnetism of the Earth and energetic radiation of solar activity, showing a strong correlation with such changes and hyper-mutations in biological organisms. (Church Chapter 5)

In considering everything as interconnected and that All is one, Lipton offers a better understanding of the commonalities among all of Earth’s organisms, in the striking commonalities in number of genes, or nucleotide sequences within a chromosome, among all organisms. From worm, to mouse, monkey, human being, having essentially the same underlying structure, varying in how those genes are expressed and the mechanism for that variety in the electromagnetic response of regulatory proteins. (Lipton 40)

As stated by Lipton, although, or perhaps because we are made of 50 trillion cells, we should consider an organism as one large embodied cell expressing the same responses to the environment as a cell, in which it will move towards what is beneficial (such as nutrients or minerals), away from what is harmful (such as a toxin), or remain neutral, and glean some insight into more intangible environmental conditions. (Lipton 149-50)

Lipton expands further in the Audible version of “Biology of Belief,” considering for example love as the highest, most sought emotional human state and stress as the least sought or most dreaded. A case sample of orphanages in Romania that were the subjects of multiple studies, demonstrates this, and can shed some light. Under a religious persuasion to carry out a birth; babies, whether or not the parents could afford, wanted, or were willing to raise, led to the need for many orphanages, which show that although these children had sufficient food, shelter, education; the only thing lacking for them was love, to the degree that a parent would love their child. In a biological assessment of these children, all of their vital statistics were suppressed by 30% or more, with a high rate of Autism. The environmental factor in the case of Autism in these orphans, prompted the turn inward as a response to conditions lacking of love.

As for stress on the other hand, for the most part, every disease or virus is essentially in all of our blood already, but are kept in check by the immune system. Ideally, blood flow would be denoted mostly to energy production, growth, immunity and so forth. Under stress, these are suppressed in fueling protective functions. Under chronic conditions, this leads to all the ailments we increasingly hear about being associated with stress, to unleash and flourish. The reason being that stress suppresses immunity performance, allowing the opportunistic organisms already in our systems to reproduce and get the opportunity to wreak havoc and become expressed with less resistance. Another side effect of the stress-response is that our intelligence is diminished as more energy is sent to instinctual reactions by restricting blood flow to the brain.

These drivers arising from the environment, which are behind the functioning for the human organism are instinct programmed into the gene and sub-conscious, which records the experience or stimulus. Consciousness however, can observe these processes and predetermine functional operations. This has been shown in multiple studies of meditators controlling their own heart rhythms, blood flow, body temperature and so on, while in a meditative state. (Lipton Chapter 2)

So as Lipton suggests, we are not determined genetic organisms, stuck. Perception can adjust the biology. At the level of a human, we have a brain filled with a trillion cells, that lies between the world that we see and experience and the internal world of our biology. The function of the brain is perception, to read the world and then adjust the biology accordingly. Perception is distinguished in two parts, the conscious and the subconscious. The initial blueprint of our genes comes to us not as a clean slate, but programmed from the very beginning by the environment of a mother’s diet, emotions, and thoughts. We’ve downloaded the nutrients, emotions, the chemical experiences that we shared with our parents since even before the sperm or the womb. This initial programming is equally through our genetics and the environment.

Although such programming empowers the subconscious to essentially drive the majority of our response and activity, what is relevant is the conscious mind right now, rather than dredging up and reliving the programming of deficit. Buddhist mindfulness or any conscious mental practice is a way to get to a point of being in conscious control. Lipton also offers contemporary modalities of Energy Psychology, for super-learning to open up the brain and download information at phenomenal rates using various emerging models. Modalities such as PYSCH-K work by harnessing the conscious mind as the tool to alter the subconscious to reprogram ourselves and change beliefs in as rapidly as 10 minutes.

Consciousness has better things to do than to control simple tasks like walking, digesting and so on. Directing the consciousness then can gain clear benefits to biology, psychology, society, quanta, and essentially, everything in each of our existence. From the embryo state to the natural world, nature has predicted the environment in the evolution of living things. Knowing that stress, happiness, any state or emotion has a biological effect of chemical processes and reactions like dopamine, cortisol and so forth, we see that even the environment of a womb will carry information that begins to affect the blueprint of the genetic map before birth. So how we see the world, the perception of the organism, is the catalyst for alteration of the genes. If we were a machine, our control mechanism would be consciousness, so that thought can be considered a mechanism for interpreting signals from the environment. (Lipton Chapter 3).

As Dr Paul Masters, professor and founder of the University of Metaphysics explains it, the personal subconsciousness is a memory bank that is filled with the accumulation of thought and experience interpretation, whether positive or negative to fill the records of this bank, thus laying the groundwork for future expectations. (Masters, Master’s Degree Curriculum 1: 22) Further, he states that the simplest means of countering the governance of this established sub-conscious belief system to work for us rather than against us, is simply through positive thinking. (Masters, Master’s Degree Curriculum 1: 24).

Consciousness then is the key to altering the physical world, beginning most directly with ourselves and our own physical systems. As we inwardly think, we outwardly reflect, as a direct response of the environmental conditions that perception arises from. Meditation is the key to unlocking this world beginning with how we perceive and respond to our own health or ailments. Beyond this there is a knowledge that can and has been attained through a connection to an informational whole that has added benefit to compliment knowledge attained from the physical world.

In the Tao of Physics, Capra compares both Tao and Physics, as both are concerned with the underlying principles of the Universe. He acknowledges the difference between the nature of knowledge and the language in which knowledge is expressed in order to provide a framework of comparison. (Capra 26-29). Capra describes East/West differences to include the valuation of rational thought processes over intuition in the West along with the use of equations and complex mathematical formulas to the difference of valuation for intuition and use of meditation practice as a method of attaining knowledge used widely in the East (Capra 30-33). He explains that what parcels out from these methods is a conceptual representation of reality on one hand through the methods of the West, and an experiential reality from the East. Although with both methods, it may take years of training to acquire comparable knowledge, through meditation it is based on direct insights of natural phenomena while in physics it is based on observations of the natural world (Capra 34-37). Overall, Capra concludes that the innate ambiguities accompanying language or even the symbols of mathematics to convey knowledge cannot offer the same degree of insight as an experience of knowledge can convey. (Capra 45-48.) By broadening our perception of the value of gaining insights through experiential methods like meditation, we can more fully directly comprehend the working of our Universe and gain that knowledge directly through independent inquiry.

Beyond our own individual awareness, several studies have also proposed an awareness to much more in our seemingly inanimate environment. Author Ziad Masri, in “Reality Unveiled” points to research carried out by former CIA agent, Cleve Backster, who was surprised by his own results of connecting plants to a polygraph. In the very first experiment, he noted how the plant registered an increase in stimulus detected by the equipment when he simply had the thought of burning it. Upon actually retrieving matches and carrying out the intention, increased activity from the plant registered in the equipment until the burning ceased.

Masri also references other similar evidence of plant sentience documented in publications such as, “The Secret Lives of Plants”, showing that the growth of plants can be stunted or aided by the intention of human thought. (Masri Chapter 3) Masri also connects to such awareness of non-living elements in the environment as he references through the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, detailed in “The Hidden Messages of Water”. Through high-speed photography, water molecules can be seen to take on complex structures of crystallization or broken fragmented forms according to thoughts directly sent to the examined molecular structures of the water. Various results from types of music, words, thoughts and even the transformation of contaminated water into crystalline form following meditation and prayer, was observed and recorded. (Masri Chapter 2)

The relevance of this goes beyond the fact that humans are made-up of ~60% water, but also to demonstrate an intrinsic entanglement that lies in all that exists and remains as a remnant feature of our initial connection before the big bang. With the inclusion of cosmic consciousness, philosophies of astrology contend that in the age of Aquarius, we are entering an age of information. Could it be that at this point in our human cycle, human consciousness is set to unfold into the interstellar reaches beyond the individual and into a collective awakening of our personal connections with the field that essentially carries the information of all that exists?

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