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Modern science and ancient wisdom both confirm a connecting force that penetrates through all that is or ever has been with a multitude of modalities for tapping into this primal energy having been developed through various human cultures. This begins the work of a book in progress to analyze the foundation for an inter-woven cohesive field of quantum energy underlying existence and experience. Building upon this philosophy, a plethora of modalities that have ever existed, are being created and perhaps are even yet to be conceived, are explored as a tool for tapping into such a source to manifest vision and creation by essentially facilitating the download and upload of the continual information exchange all have with a collective source. These are essentially based on techniques of focusing and directing the consciousness of the mind, specifically delving into Music, Mudras, Mantras, and Movement as vehicles to integrate ourselves into this primordial essence to generating Momentum towards taking Mind to the 5th power.



Mediation has survived from ancient times to the present as a tool for personal well-being and growth. Directing consciousness through meditation and mindfulness has demonstrated proven results of improving the quality of life for those that engage in the practice. As stated by Dr. Masters, founder of the University of Metaphysics, “Whether a Buddhist describes it as Nirvana, or a Christian mystic as God, all who have experienced this state of mind, regardless of their secular descriptions, agree that the experience offers the one essential impact upon human consciousness that creates the greatest advancement towards aware and healthy living, and that is one of “UNIVERSAL ONENESS.” (Masters, Master’s Degree Curriculum 1: 13) By laying the foundation of an Infinite Intelligence, Energy-Verse, Akashic Field, God-Mind, or whatever semantics may personally be utilized by individuals, the ability to tap into the frequency of creation, and manifest through meditation is available to us all.

The Encyclopedia Britannica defines meditation as, “private devotion or mental exercise encompassing various techniques of concentration, contemplation, and abstraction, regarded as conducive to heightened self-awareness, spiritual enlightenment, and physical and mental health”. The definition is followed by a historical summary of the practice as consistent among a multitude of religions, from the theological contemplation or prayer of Roman Catholicism, the Yoga philosophies of Hindu, which branches off into Buddhism, Chan in China, and Zen in Japan, to the Transcendental Meditation popularized by the Beatles and imported from the East to the West. Methods of the practice vary, from vocalized mantras or prayer, use of mechanical devices, like rosaries and prayer wheels, concentration on visual images like a lotus or mandala, and other ritualized techniques to focus concentration. (1)

The use of meditation to alter the physical world as a means of improving quality of life, will be demonstrated to lay the foundation for a framework that is available for all to use towards their will. Throughout this inquiry, a diversity of physical evidence and research is explored through the fields of psychology, physics, and epigenetics. The natural translation of an interpretation through metaphysics eventually emerges as the format for an encompassing theory, as it is not bound as the other sciences may be to the physical world, and can intermingle among the other scientific fields, opposed to being bound within one. It is still important to note however that metaphysics is a science. Science is merely the systematic pursuit of defining observations of the physical and natural world through an empirical method, which leads to reproducible results. Wikipedia categorizes the science branches into a broad range of human interests with philosophies (which includes Metaphysics) and mathematics of formal science at the base. Philosophy is the basis of all science as it is the area in which the formation of a hypothesis begins and can be investigated even further through the physical, life, social, and earth & space sciences. (2) The observations gleaned from meditation over the millennia may vary in details but has encompassed similar observations of inner peace, astral realms, life-after-death, miracles, and manifestation. To discount these observations through a practice that has survived the time and space of human existence is to remain caged and limited in a physical world that is only a small piece and fraction of reality as a whole.

Our human senses are limited in dissecting the realities in which we are emerged considering for example that we are surrounded by, yet completely unaware of electromagnetism, micro waves, gamma waves, x-rays, sound wave pitches such as what some animals can detect from a dog-whistle, or sonar used by bats and whales, ultra-violet rays, infra-red light, and perhaps a whole slew of unknowns that exist beyond our sensory perceptions that have yet to be discovered. Science has evolved from an understanding confined in matter and space to one that is increasingly based on energy and information. Emerging from the progressive inquiries that include our inner conscious energy, has sprouted a theory that follows the Big Bang as the underlying origin of order and connectivity, in which all that exists is entangled in continuous energies of vibrating strings within a force in which all information exists. Rather than conceding that our Universe is the only one, a view of more cyclic cycles within a mother Multiverse prevails as organizer of the quanta in a cosmic dance towards greater and greater complexity. As deciphered from ancient texts; the mass of any star, planet, Universe, Multiverse, is secondary to the sea of cosmic energy that is radiant through all that is, over infinite time and space. This energy is constantly engaged in a cyclical dance from formless to condensed, back to the Akashic field and beginning anew. From this primordial source, emerges a holographic and fractal Multiverse, continually creating multiple Universes, which through the waves carried in the quantum vacuum, new Universal creations are informed by the previous. Contemporary interpretations of quantum physics, such as the Zero-Point Field, describing quantum field theories, are strikingly similar to ancient Hindu Sanskrit texts describing the Akashic Field. Also in new understandings of the quanta, multiple dimensions of at least ten or eleven are needed to support the most complex and provable mathematic physics equations of today, with some quantum theories proclaiming that anything that can possibly be imagined by any conscious being exists in some parallel reality in another dimension outside of the one we share a collective consciousness of. Therefore, if everything exists in some form in some parallel, could there be a methodology for manifesting any conscious energy into physical form? Through an inquiry of multiple scientific fields and empirical based research, a comprehensive modern painting of ancient philosophies emerges as one that is, and always has been, accessible for us all to utilize for self-advancement as well as advancement for all of humanity, through the practice of meditation and mindfulness.


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Jakova began her educational pursuits in Graphic Design at the International Academy of Art & Design in Tampa, Florida. She completed her undergraduate work at the University of California, Berkeley in Natural Resources and earned a Master of Science from the University of Southern California in Geographic Information Science and Technology with an emphasis in Sustainable Development. She is currently pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy in Metaphysics from the University of Sedona. She is the author, producer, song writer and designer of the children's book and album, "Musically Grown". Her aspirations are to inspire adults and children alike towards conservation, sustainability, and conscious evolution through art, music, and mindfulness. She is currently working on a second book, "Manifest: M⁵" exploring manifestation philosophies and techniques focused on modalities of mind, music, mudras, mantras, and movement towards creation and fulfillment of our highest potentials.

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